Tell me about CKD.

CKD, or Chronic Kidney Disease, is a progressive disease that does permanent damage to the kidneys.

Although its early stages often fly under the radar, CKD has telltale signs and risks including old age, diabetes and high blood pressure. But these are not the only that can flag the onset of chronic kidney disease. Here are some signs that you may want to see a nephrologist and ask about your risk likelihood for CKD:

Symptoms of CKD

Any of these symptoms for 3+ months is cause for concern.

Low GFR Less than 60 mL/min
Anemia Low kidney hormone production
Abnormal urine Contains blood or protein
Abnormal CT scan or kidney ultrasound Indicated by kidney size change or shadowing
Low blood calcium Caused by low vitamin D production
Other diseases Pathologic changes on kidney biopsy