Is there any reason I wouldn’t qualify for a KT?  

Contraindications: Any of these are an ABSOLUTE NO

  • Active infection (HIV is ok if controlled)
  • Active cancer
  • Chronic illness that could lead to death soon
  • Active drug/alcohol use
  • Severe heart disease/failure
  • Severe psychiatric disease
  • Noncompliance with medication
  • Severe Obesity: BMI above 40. Calculate your BMI here


Case-by-case basis. ‘Maybe I’ll get one?’

  • Substance abuse history: Need 12 months documented rehab
  • Chronic hepatitis B or C: See your specialist first
  • Cancers survivors in remission
  • Heart disease
  • Vascular disease
  • Recurrent UTI
  Is my new kidney going to be healthy?  

Sometimes there are post-op problems as your body adjusts to its new resident. They are well documented as follows:

FSGS: 30%
IgA Nephropathy 7-30%
Diabetic Nephropathy 100%, Graft loss < 5%
Membranous Nephropathy 10%
Lupus < 10%
Primary Oxalosis:  100%.  There is a high rate of losing the transplant from oxalate deposition. A staged or combined liver-kidney transplant preferred for Type I

  My KT center suggested an ECD kidney. What’s that?  

An Extended Criteria Donor is a deceased person who is either over 60 years old, or over 50 years with at least two of the following conditions: history of hypertension, serum creatinine greater than 1.5 mg/dl, or if their cause of death was from a stroke. Although not 100% ideal, an ECD transplant is still a much better option than dialysis.