A kidney transplant sounds like a big deal. Tell me more.

Of all possible treatments for kidney failure (End Stage Renal Disease or ESRD), a kidney transplant is the best solution. Instead of using dialysis to “make do” with a failed kidney, a transplant provides you with a new kidney that you will no longer requrie dialysis. Remember, we only need one kidney to live! Although transplant patients have to take anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives, they have the highest long term survival rate and best quality of life.

Transplant Lingo
Donor Person giving kidney
Recipient Person receiving kidney
KT Kidney Transplant

A whole transplant seems pretty invasive. Why would I get a new organ instead of dialysis?

While dialysis might relieve some complications of kidney failure, the root issue is that your kidney is no longer working as it should. Dialysis only cleans your blood for 9-12 hours a week–the rest of that time, you are accumulating fluid, waste, and other toxins in your body. A kidney transplant replaces your diseased kidney with one that works all the time. All the tests, time on the wait list, and effort is worth it!