It depends on your stage:

  • Pre HTN – Change your habits! Get as healthy as possible.
  • Stage 1 – Try lifestyle changes for 6 months. Start meds if no improvement for 6 months
  • Stage 2  – Start meds right away

If you have diabetes, kidney or heart disease your goal BP is less than 130/80. If you have protein in your urine, your goal is less than 125/75.

Remember Dr. G’s mantra: Quit smoking, drink less, eat healthy, put down the salt, and exercise!


MY goal is to get YOU OFF 1 or more of your meds.

If you have pre – HTN, we will work together to prevent it from getting worse!

As a predictor of mortality, this depends on your age.

Folks Over 50: Watch the top number (systolic)

Under 50: Watch the bottom number (diastolic)

Yes! It’s caused by feeling stressed at the doctor’s office. Your BP is high when you see your doc but is normal at home (except with Dr. G, of course).  That’s why it’s important to check your BP while relaxed even if that means checking at home.
You need two separate readings 1-2 weeks apart to diagnose hypertension. Remember that your BP varies daily with sleep, diet, stress, and exercise.