There are five stages of CKD.

Stage #
Stage Description
GFR, mL/min per 1.73 m3
1 Kidney damage with normal or increased GFR > 90
2 Kidney damage with decreased GFR 60 – 89
3 Kidney damage with moderately decreased GFR 30 – 59
4 Kidney damage with severely decreased GFR 15 – 29
5 Kidney failure < 15 or dialysis

Causes of CKD (US)


“Other” includes:

Age (>65 years)
Too much alcohol
Family history
Heart disease
Ibuprofen use
Low birth weight
Autoimmune disease
Kidney stones & recurring UTIs
African American or other ethnic minorities

Stages of CKD

Why is it important to identify CKD?

Because your health is important! CKD can be managed once it’s caught. It can also lead to anemia, bone and heart disease. Patients with a low GFR (less than 30 mL/min) should learn how to preserve and maintain their kidney function. They should also seek education about both kidney dialysis and kidney transplant. It never hurts to have this information in your back pocket. It may just save your life.

Most patients are diagnosed through routine bloodwork which includes your creatinine and GFR. CKD may often progress without any obvious symptoms hence it is important to stay current your annual health checkups.