Let’s talk numbers. What should my BP be?

Top should be less than 120, and the bottom less than 80

What is “pre-hypertension?”

It looks pretty scary for your personal health! But numbers-wise, high BP has become such a problem that there is now a warning stage called pre-hypertension. This new category identifies those AT RISK for hypertension and heart disease.  You don’t need to start meds but you definitely need to make some lifestyle changes fast.   Repeat the mantra: Eat right, quit smoking and exercise!

Pre-Hypertension Range
Systolic BP 120-139
Diastolic BP 80-89

What if my BP is higher than that?

This is where you cross over into hypertension, which has two stages:

Hypertension Stages
Stage 1 140-159 over 90-99
Stage 2 160+ over 100+