Hypertension Definition

The heart is a muscle that beats 60-100 times every minute. Each times the heart contracts blood travels from the heart into arteries which delivers oxygenated blood to the body.

Elevated Blood Pressure

According to the ACC/AHA for office-based readings:

Normal blood pressure: Systolic <120 mmHg and diastolic <80 mmHg

Elevated blood pressure: Systolic 120 to 129 mmHg and diastolic <80 mmHg


  • Stage 1: Systolic 130 to 139 mmHg or diastolic 80 to 89 mmHg. (130-139/80-89)
  • Stage 2: Systolic at least 140 mmHg or diastolic at least 90 mmHg. ( >140/90)