Do I have to hear about high blood pressure AGAIN?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the risks of high blood pressure, and it’s for a good reason! Hypertension is a public health epidemic affecting 70 million Americans today. Even worse, it’s the most common red flag that prescription drug therapy may be in your future. It also leads to heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. In other words, high BP is bad news!

The “Rule of Halves” applies to YOU!

HALF of all hypertension cases go undiagnosed
HALF of diagnosed patients are not getting treatment
HALF of treatment cases are not under control

How are the kidneys and blood pressure related?

The kidneys control your BP through hormones and your nervous system. They are also responsible for getting rid of salt in your body. Unfortunately, the more salt in your diet, the more your kidneys have to work to excrete it, so you may be cutting back on certain foods to get BP under control. But your body will thank you for it!

I don’t understand what blood pressure actually is.

No shame in that, let’s break it down:

The heart is a muscle that beats 60-100 times every minute. Each beat helps blood travel from the heart into blood vessels called arteries which deliver oxygenated blood to the rest of your body.

Blood pressure has two numbers, one over the other

TOP # Systolic BP Pressure when heart contracts
BOTTOM # Diastolic BP Pressure when heart relaxes