With the economy on the upswing, employees have more options than they’ve had in years. Opportunities are growing. Competition for talent is getting stiff. And with this shift, workers expect more from their employers. The wellness culture that’s grown in wake of the recession means that good workers are seeking employers who are invested in their workforce. That’s why it’s in your company’s best interest to invest in your employees’ personal welfare. Corporate Wellness offers a cost-efficient path to attracting and retaining great talent. Turnover decreases. Employees feel appreciated. It’s a win-win. So what is corporate wellness, anyway?

Corporate Wellness Offers Health Resources

For the most part, we all have vague knowledge of what it means to live healthfully. Eat well, don’t smoke, exercise, watch your blood pressure… yadda yadda.  As we are sporadically inundated with sayings over the years, these important facts often reduce to platitudes. Life gets busy, after all.

Corporate wellness aims to educate and gently remind employees how to live healthfully. They are typically comprised of health professionals imparting helpful resources. Whether it’s through a webinar, lectures, printed materials, or a comprehensive health plan, corporate wellness programs provide benefits for your employees at low cost.

Keeping Wellness Simple

We (employees included) often put our basic health requirements on the backburner in favor of, say, taking care of kids or staying on top of work. That leads to bad compromises like the “just one cigarette after work” devolving into a pack a day. Or grabbing fast food on the way home because, well… it’s easier.

Your employees have enough to worry about. So to make corporate wellness effective, we advise programs that are simple and actionable. Small steps are more likely to make habits stick, and make your employees feel that you have brought benefit to their lives.

The purpose of corporate wellness is to educate employees how to take these small steps. These meaningful changes could very well impact not only their day-to-day energy levels and mood, but their overall life expectancy.

Booking a Corporate Wellness Webinar

If you’re seeking an easy, cost-efficient program for your business, Dr. Gandotra offers corporate wellness webinar services. If you’re interested in booking an appointment, call her office today at (714) 435-0150.