Major Organs Affected by High Blood Pressure

We’ve all heard that high blood pressure is dangerous for your health. But why and how? What does it actually do to your body when your heart must work harder to pump blood effectively? Unfortunately, the consequences are not just confined to the heart. There are several major organs affected by high blood pressure.

Major Organs Affected by High Blood Pressure

 #1 The Eyes

Hypertension over long periods of time can result in constriction of the small arteries in the eye. This can cause damage to the retina in the form of small hemorrhages. There also may be swelling of the optic nerve due to reduced blood supply.

If high blood pressure continues for an extended period of time, patients can develop complete loss of visual acuity and eventually blindness.

#2 The Brain

The brain is full of blood vessels, so high blood pressure can certainly lead to adverse effects on this crucial organ. Hypertension can lead to small mini-strokes and cognitive impairment disorders. If left untreated, severe hypertension can create ruptures in the tiny blood vessels in your brain. Over time this may culminate into a hemorrhagic stroke.

#3 The Heart

The heart is a muscle that must constantly work to pump blood throughout your body. When the heart has to compensate for irregular health problems with high blood pressure, it can cause the heart to enlarge. An enlarged heart may eventually lead to heart failure. Severe high blood pressure can also lead to a heart attack.

#4 The Kidneys

High blood pressure is a very common cause of kidney disease in the United States. It can result in chronic kidney disease and eventually progress into end stage kidney disease, especially in the African-American population.

#5 Blood Vessels

Long-standing high blood pressure can lead to enlargement of the large blood vessels, including the aorta. Those at higher risk include diabetics, patients with high cholesterol, and patients with vascular disease.

Keeping Organs Affected by High Blood Pressure Safe

It’s very important that patients learn the proper technique of home BP monitoring and frequently check their blood pressure at home. A good lifestyle including a healthy diet and exercise will also improve your overall health.

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